Feed Mill

millWe sell a variety of certified organic feed grains and mixtures. Products are subject to availability. We offer feeds in 44 lb bags, 1/2 metric tonne tote bags or 1 metric tonne tote bags.

Though we have finished products on site, we ask for you to place an order. For smaller orders, we ask for at least a day’s notice. Once completed, you can pick up your order here.
Please ask for our price list.
We deliver to the Lower Mainland and to Washington State.
You can use our contact form to get a quote.

Hen Scratch
Whole Wheat
Whole or Rolled Barley
Whole or Rolled Oats
Alfalfa Pellets
Oats & Barley (rolled)
Soy Meal
24% Turkey Starter
21% Turkey Grower
20% Broiler Starter
18% Broiler Grower
16% Broiler Finisher
18% Poultry Starter
15% Poultry Grower
20% Layer Mash
18% Layer Mash
16% Layer Mash
18% Hog Starter Mash
15% Hog Grower Mash
16% Dairy Mash
16% Goat Feed
14% Sheep Feed
12% Horse Ration